In 2017, I launched “In the Field,” a podcast about journalists. The six-part narrative series chronicles journalists from all different backgrounds — young and old — as they hustle to keep up with the industry.

The podcast garnered 1,000 unique listeners via iTunes until it was moved over to SoundCloud in 2018.

Episode 1

In the premiere episode of In the Field, Micah Danney — a freelance journalist who splits his time between New York City and Tel Aviv, Israel — discusses how his arrest and subsequent incarceration shaped his journalism career.

Episode 2

Katie Speller is a digital journalist who writes about politics, feminism and where the two overlap. She discussed working for MTV News and Bustle, among other things. She’s now a news editor at HerCampus.

Episode 3

Sharif Hassan shares his journey from fixer in Afghanistan to reporter in New York City. He’s currently a multimedia journalist based in Kabul, Afghanistan with The Washington Post.

Episode 4

Jessica Ma is among a new class of journalism students entering the profession at a chaotic time. We spoke about reporting, being a consumer of news and building confidence. She is now a VOs producer for CBS Evening News, per her Twitter.

Episode 5

Johnny Milano is a freelance photojournalist who gains access to white supremacist groups. We spoke about why the hell anyone would spend their time doing such things. His photography has been published on the cover of The New York Times on several occasions. Check out his photo gallery here.

Episode 6

Laura Schofer — a 60-year-old, recently-retired community journalist, playwright and novelist — reported on the South Shore of Long Island for more than 20 years and retired last spring.