Hello. I am a freelance writer, journalist and photographer based in New York. My work has been published in Elite Daily, The Huffington Post, VFW Magazine, The Long Island Press, DMN, The Valley Stream Herald, Newsday and Stagebuddy. My photography has also appeared in Forbes. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Film Studies and Production with a minor in English from Hofstra University in 2014.

I’m the creator of “In the Field,” a narrative podcast series chronicling six journalists’ hustle to keep up with the industry. For the podcast, which premiered in October 2017, I handled all of the audio production and cultivated an audience of about 1,000 unique listeners on iTunes as well as hundreds of others on social media.

I have also worked as a general news writer covering politics and trending news at Elite Daily, a site for millennials that reaches 20 million monthly readers. Prior to that, I worked as a reporter and editor for Herald Community Newspapers from 2015 to 2018, where I developed coverage strategies and managed the editorial calendar for both print and the web. There, I produced and assigned original reporting on daily/weekly deadlines.

The non-work things I enjoy: Gardening, cycling, sunbathing, binging (TV, YouTube and various junk foods), playing music, reading Gentlemen’s Quarterly and Buddhist self-help books. Don’t @ me.