A writer first.

Nick Ciccone is a freelance writer, journalist and photographer based in New York. He has been published in Newsday, the Valley Stream Herald and Long Island Press. He is a general news writer covering politics and trending news at Elite Daily, a site for millennials that reaches 20 million monthly readers. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Film Studies and English in 2014 from Hofstra University.

Nick created the podcast In the Field, a narrative series chronicling six journalists’ hustle to keep up with the industry. He launched the podcast in October 2017, handled all of the audio production, and built an audience of about 1,000 unique listeners on iTunes.

He worked as a reporter and editor for Herald Community Newspapers from 2015 to 2018, developing coverage strategies and managing the editorial calendar for both print and the web. There, he produced and assigned original reporting on daily/weekly deadlines.

Nick is also an animal lover and an amateur gardener. He has written film reviews and covered events for Stagebuddy.com, and is slated to have a veteran profile placed in VFW Magazine’s August 2018 issue.

A photographer second.


Nick also supplied original photography to accompany most of his stories at the Herald.

A hobbyist travel and portrait photographer, he spends his summers photographing his adventures along the South Shore of Long Island and in New York City.

Fast and accurate, always.


Nick’s reported features and timely coverage has often been picked up by larger publications. He broke a story about massive tax breaks issued to the Green Acres Mall in Long Island in 2016 for the Herald, and his detailed reporting about the controversy kept readers informed about where their tax dollars were going.

He also has extensive social media and content management systems (CMS) experience. Having managed the Herald’s Facebook page for more than two years, he increased engagement with an audience of about 5,000 followers. He also handled the front page of LIHerald.com’s Valley Stream edition, uploading copy and audio/visual content to the CMS.


“If you listen carefully, people explain to you what it is that they need.” — Rick Rubin