Hey there. I’m a freelance writer at Long Island Press — a monthly lifestyle magazine. I’ve written for The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, VFW Magazine, DMN, The Valley Stream Herald, Newsday and Stagebuddy. I like making words do things. Over the last five years, I’ve worked as a full-time reporter/editor for various print and digital publications covering everything from ad tech to the White House.

In 2017, I rode the podcasting wave and created “In the Field,” a narrative series chronicling six journalists’ hustle to keep up with the industry. Notwithstanding my own bias, I feel comfortable saying that it’s pretty good. You can listen to all six episodes here. I mean, what else have you got going on today?

I live on Long Island with my plant-children, but I see California whenever I close my eyes. The non-work things I enjoy: Gardening, cycling, sunbathing, binging (TV, celebrity profiles, various junk foods), playing music, reading Gentlemen’s Quarterly and Buddhist self-help books. All fan mail should be sent to nickpciccone@gmail.com.